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 Wild Violet Design 

Florals by Jenny Hayhoe

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Wild Violet Design

We Create...You Enjoy.



Hello!  Thank you for visiting.

My name is Jenny Marie Santorelli-Hayhoe.  

My love for flowers and design began growing up in the country. Blessed with room to dream, create, and explore God's creation...that is exactly what I did and still do!

My Dad (Angelo) taught me to work hard, and my entrepreneurial spirit is from him too. An eye for design and detail comes from my Mom (Yvette Violet), from whom also comes my business name:  Wild Violet Design.

My husband Jeff is the love of my life, and we have three beautiful children. My love for and commitment to my family make them my first priority always.

Music has also been a passion since I was very young.  I love singing, playing, and writing music. Spot my baby-grand in some of my pictures.

I hope you enjoy this site and will get in touch with me.

I'm so looking forward to creating floral beauty for you to enjoy!

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 We have enjoyed the beauty of fall and are now in Winter planning mode.

It is time to book your Winter planters!

Get in touch via text or email.


Custom Made Planter Arrangements Created On Site For a Perfect Fit


A Well Tended Garden By Wild Violet Design:
Fertilize, Weeding, Mulch


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 4pm

We Create...You Enjoy

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